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A Quick Note From Our CEO:

Azureen Rashid CEO & Co-Founder of Terer by Digital Zero Sdn Bhd

Hey there! My name is Azureen Rashid, and I'm a part of Digital Zero Sdn Bhd, a tech start-up that has recently launched a mobile app called Terer. Terer is a subscription commerce app that allows users to purchase mutiples of their favourite beverages and redeem them on the go. With over 50 merchants on board and more than 1000 users, we are now ready to take the next step and scale our business. 

To achieve our goals, we have decided to turn to equity crowdfunding with PitchIN. Equity crowdfunding is an excellent way for us to raise money by selling shares in our company to a large number of individual investors. PitchIN is a crowdfunding platform based in Malaysia that provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to raise capital from the crowd.




The money we raise through equity crowdfunding will be used to invest in several key areas of our business, including tech development, recruitment, and marketing. Tech development is crucial for any tech start-up, as it ensures that our app remains up-to-date and competitive. With the additional funds raised, we can invest in new features and updates to ensure that Terer remains at the forefront of subscription commerce.

Recruitment is also a vital aspect of scaling a start-up, as the right team is essential for success. With the funds raised through equity crowdfunding, we can hire new talent and expand our team. This will enable us to improve the app, deliver better customer service, and ultimately grow the business.

Finally, marketing is essential for any start-up looking to scale. By investing in marketing, we can attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and ultimately grow revenue. The additional funds raised through equity crowdfunding will enable us to invest in marketing campaigns that will help us reach a larger audience.

In conclusion, we are excited about the potential of Terer and the opportunity to disrupt the subscription commerce space. Through ECF, we can raise the funds and take the next step towards achieving our goals. Thank you for your support!

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