Fueling Growth: Merchant’s Success Journey

We've experimented with various strategies, seeking the perfect formula to propel us forward. Among our discoveries is a particularly potent indirect marketing approach: incentivizing merchants to embark on their Terer journey with us.

As part of this initiative, we've introduced enticing incentives for merchants and their frontline staff, such as cash prizes, to inspire them to champion Terer to their customers. It's proven to be a win-win scenario, as they not only cultivate customer loyalty but also boost their revenue streams.

We're delighted to share some exciting success stories from our recent merchant partners. Tiny Food Cafe and CXBS Coffee have both achieved remarkable sales figures within just two weeks of joining Terer. Tiny Food Cafe raked in RM648 from 17 deals, while CXBS Coffee saw RM863 in sales from 18 deals. These accomplishments are a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in driving business growth.


Tiny Food Cafe, a startup that entered the market in 2021, has been thriving for three years. While they had their own loyal customer base, they hadn't yet implemented a rewards system to incentivize repeat visits. With Terer's assistance, Tiny Food Cafe was able to reward their regular customers, turning them into loyal patrons. Tiny Food Cafe showcased their cafe's specials like vegan Kimchi Bap and Overnight Oats at a great 20% discount with Terer, catching the eye of more plant-based food enthusiasts. It's pretty neat how this exposure brought more plant-based diners to the cafe, which helped increase their foot traffic and revenue. 

CXBS Coffee has built a strong customer base, but they did not have a reward system to incentivize repeat visits. Recognizing this opportunity, Terer stepped in to empower CXBS Coffee. Through this collaboration, CXBS Coffee has been able to reward its loyal patrons and transform them into dedicated customers. With Terer's support, CXBS Coffee now offers enticing deals such as the "5 for RM60'' promotion, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite coffee or matcha drinks at a discounted rate compared to the regular price of RM70. This strategic partnership has not only strengthened CXBS Coffee's customer retention efforts but has also attracted new patrons eager to experience their unique matcha creations. We're proud to be part of CXBS Coffee's journey and look forward to continued success together.

The Incentive program acts like a turbocharger for merchants, giving them a leg up while also shedding light on our mission of being their reliable ally in the long run. We're thrilled to keep empowering and supporting more merchants on our Terer App through our impactful Incentive scheme.

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