Meeting Monthly Targets Faster with Terer

Joining forces with Jamboo KL to push our marketing campaign. We are offering discounts up to 60% for users to enjoy 5 cups of Jamboo beverages on Terer App. So far, we have sold up to 90 cups within 3 days of campaigning at Jamboo outlet with our Terer promoters.

We also called in influencer @happylizzieeats to do a short review for our Jamboo promotion. You can check out the content on this link:

The Terer App focuses on 3 key variables: increase customer spending, increase customer retention and increase market reach. We are on a mission to prove how sticky the Terer App platform is. According to our statistics 2/3 users are redeeming 1-2 cups on the same day of purchase. Meaning users will frequently be visiting the merchants store to redeem the remaining Terer coupons.

If you are running an F&B business, join Terer App today and start building loyal relationships with greater revenue and greater retention.

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