About Terer

The Terer Brand by Digital Zero Sdn Bhd aims to Revolutionise the Beverage Industry by Bringing Together Malaysia's Finest F&B outlets into One App. We are on a Mission to provide a Seamless Subscription Commerce Platform so you can Enjoy your Favourite Drinks Repeatedly On The Go.

Unlikely Beginnings

Chapter 1

Sunil Coushik, with a background rooted in hardcoding and IT, and Azureen Rashid, armed with a law degree and a wealth of hospitality experience, seemed an unlikely duo. Fate brought them together during the challenging times of the COVID era. Despite their diverse professional backgrounds, they shared a passion for innovation and a commitment to make a difference. The duo realized a gap in the market as they spent a significant amount on coffee each morning. Over a year of collaboration and fueled by cups of coffee during their meetings and discussions, this realization became the driving force behind the birth of Terer, a brand that emerged from diverse backgrounds with the mission to make high-quality coffee more accessible and affordable.

Where Innovation Meets Talent

chapter 2

As the Terer team grew, so did the dream. A small but dynamic tech team, led by Sunil, and the creative brilliance of Chris, set out to build the heart of Terer—the mobile app.

In just two months, a digital masterpiece was born. The Terer app, unveiled in October 2022, wasn't just a platform; it was a gateway to a world of unparalleled coffee experiences.

The app introduced a revolutionary concept—beverage deals that redefined the way coffee enthusiasts engaged with their favorite brews. With each cup purchased upfront, users unlocked greater discounts. The more cups, the merrier the savings.

Sipping into the Future

Chapter 3

As Terer continued to evolve, the focus expanded beyond coffee. The team started venturing into other segments, such as set lunch, attracting the office crowd. Fast forward to January 2024, Terer boasts a network of over 100 beverage merchants and has ventured into the food industry. The journey continues to be one of evolution, community, and a relentless pursuit of redefining how Kuala Lumpur indulges in its daily rituals.

Team Members