Raising Awareness

Online marketing can sometimes be too expensive for start-up companies. For instance, the probability of engagement when you spend on online ads through social media, may not result in low or zero conversions. However, this does not mean one should disregard the entire online strategy.

One of the ways of raising brand awareness, as a start-up company, is through influencer marketing. We began networking with purely F&B Instagram influencers, who would help create the right visuals and content to reach our target market. The collaboration of two brands (merchant + Terer) and a trusted influencer has not only helped with online marketing, but also spread the word of mouth. 

As part of our upcoming campaign with our new merchant, Cocolicious, we engaged with @foodwinebeermae F&B influencer of 6k+ followers, to help us create some awareness content. You can check out her content by clicking here. Be on the lookout for Cocolicious' upcoming Terer deal on 1st November 2022 and download Terer App to enjoy up to 60% off when you purchase 5 cups of Coconut Shakes for only RM31.85.

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