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Stay in the Loop: We'll give you a virtual high-five every time a customer snags your deal! And with our super-smooth redemption tracking, you'll have fewer 'but I swear I didn't redeem' moments.

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Customisable Roles for Your Business

At Terer, we believe in making your business management easier and more flexible. To ensure a smooth experience, we offer three key roles within the Terer Merchant App

  • Owner Account

    When you sign up, you automatically become the "Owner." This is your command center, giving you full access to all the features of the Terer Merchant App. As an owner, you have control over all outlets, allowing you to manage your entire business effortlessly.

  • Regional Manager's Account

    Need to delegate responsibilities for specific outlets? With the "Regional Manager" role, you can do just that. As a Regional Manager, you can oversee one or more outlets within your region. This role offers streamlined control and simplifies the management of multiple locations.

  • Outlet Manager's Account

    If you're looking for focused control over a single outlet, the "Outlet Manager" role is perfect for you. As an Outlet Manager, you'll have hands-on management of a specific outlet, ensuring that it operates efficiently and effectively.

  • Contact us if there are any changes to your business details.

  • Abide by Terer Merchant Agreement and T&Cs

  • Ensure all Terer marketing collaterals are placed at storefront. 

  • Co-operate with Terer by Digital Zero Sdn Bhd in solving claims & disputes in a timely manner if needed.

  • Check your business email to ensure you received accurate payment value.

  • Ensure products listed in your Terer deal is available for redemption. 

  • NOT register a customer’s account on your own device as it is considered unethical.

  • NOT allow unauthorised parties access to your business email to avoid unwanted termination of account and dispute. 

  • NOT collect or store any sensitive information of users like bank card details while providing services. 

  • NOT encourage early redemption from customers to avoid unwanted disputes.

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Merchant Handbook

Your Terer business deserves the best tools for success. Our Merchant Handbook holds the key to managing your Terer deals and achieving remarkable business growth. Discover the answers you need within its pages.

Merchant Handbook

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