Key Value Propositions

  • Upsell to Increase Customer Spending

    Customers are buying multiples and redeeming later. Merchants will enjoy cash up once customers redeem their first coupon.

  • Increase Customer Retention

    Merchants lock in customers and automatically turn them into loyal customers who will revisit the outlet.

  • Increase Market Reach

    Pushing new customers to merchants and automatically turning them into loyal based consumers. 

  • Drive Off-Peak Demand

    Dynamic pricing will help drive sales during off-peak hours and increase foot traffic in store. 

  • Predict and Move Inventory

    As customer purchase multiple products, merchants are able to predict the number of inventory required and increase efficiency and turnovers of perishable goods.

Build Loyal Relationship

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Terer Merchant App

Your Ultimate Tool for Deal Tracking and Redemption Management. Empowering Terer merchants to effortlessly monitor user purchases and redemptions. While not mandatory, we encourage merchants to enhance the experience by scanning and verifying user redemptions. Streamlining the process for seamless interactions with your loyal customers.

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Follow these simple steps to kick start your journey with Terer.

  • Step 1

    Tell us about your Terer deal eg. buy 5 Latte for RM40 (20% off). Be as specific and attractive as possible. You can also mention an expiry date if you wish to do so.  

  • Step 2

    Receive notifications when customers purchase subscriptions and redeem your deal online via email or Terer Merchant App.  

  • Step 3

    Receive immediate full payout within 1-2 business working day, once customer purchase your subscription deal.

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Merchant FAQ

Got Questions? We've got Answers

How much commission do i have to pay?

You will only need to pay a one time onboarding fee of only RM199.

When will i receive the payout?

All payouts will be made within 3 business working day, once customers make their first redemption of the purchased deal. This gives all merchants the advantage of having advance cash upfront. 

How long will my subscription deal be live for?

We would encourage you to post a subscription deal for a minimum of 3 months.

My deal has limited inventory and may not last for 3 months. What should i do?

Let us know how much inventory your subscription deal can take. We will make sure the number of purchase does not exceed inventory limits.

Who can apply?

Registered companies and business owners selling food and/or beverage for immediate consumption

How do i register to be a Terer Merchant?

Click and fill out the Terer Merchant Application form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have more questions.

Our Merchant Handbook provides you with all the answers to manage your Terer deals for your business success. Feel free to also Contact Us if you need more assistance.

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