Our Benefits

  • Travel Allowance

    At Terer, we understand the struggles and have your back. We provide a convenient and claimable Travel Allowance to lighten your load.

  • Smart Casual Vibe

    Dress to impress, but keep it comfortable.

  • Indulge and Energize

    We take care of your cravings and keep your productivity soaring. Step into our pantry, where a treasure trove of snacks, coffee, and tea awaits.

  • Work to the Beat

    Get ready to tune out distractions, and find your rhythm as you work to the beats that make you happiest.

  • Sip and Test

    At Terer, we invite you to enjoy free beverages while testing our latest creations.

  • Flex Your Time, Excel Your Way

    We ditch the punchcard mentality. With trust and flexibility, we empower you to manage your tasks and achieve your goals on your own terms.

  • Business Development Exec

    Join Terer as a Business Development pro! Drive F&B growth in Kuala Lumpur, onboard merchants, and execute marketing campaigns. Stay ahead of trends, provide feedback, and shape the future of subscription commerce. Take charge at Terer now!

  • Social Media Marketing Intern

    Join Terer as a Social Media Marketing Intern! Create engaging content, manage platforms, and drive brand awareness. Gain hands-on experience in digital marketing and shape the subscription commerce industry. Apply now to kickstart your career in a vibrant startup environment!


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